Charity Portal Information

There is no cost to register or benefit to the charity. CHARITABLE BOOKINGS is a platform created to help thousands of charities raise unrestricted money. Your supporters can help raise that much needed extra money by doing something they do anyway and it will not cost them a penny. In order to make the most of CHARITABLE BOOKINGS you will need to encourage your friends and supporters to download and use this clever and easy lifestyle app or use the website. To help you, we have created many marketing assets which you will find when you login to your charity portal. You can use these assets to promote CHARITABLE BOOKINGS to your team, friends and supporters in order to remind them of this easy way to raise funds. By logging into your portal you will be able to see a breakdown of funds raised. Once bookings have been confirmed and paid, CHARITABLE BOOKINGS will accrue its committed donation ready to make payment to you every March and September.

CHARITABLE BOOKINGS has a number of ways to raise money:
  • £1 per person per restaurant booking
  • £1 per person per night per hotel booking
  • £1 per App download and registration – with a limit of £500 per week. Resets every Monday.
  • £5 per sale of the Signature Dish recipe book with 365 top UK chefs
  • Swipe game - From £250 to £750 prizes for charity
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Charity sweet boxes (please view portal for more information)

Need further assistance?

If you need any further assistance, please read our FAQ or contact member of the team below
  • Francesca di Belmorte

  • Laragh Cambridge

  • Alon Shulman

  • Charlotte Tyson