How was I selected to be on your app?

A supporter requested your charity be added to the directory.

How long does it take to join?

In effect, you have already joined.

You now only need to manage your profile by adding your approved logo, images and charity information.

You will be sent login details to your preferred email contact. Please check your spam box.

How do I load my charity branding to the app?

Via the Charitable Bookings website, you have access to a Charity Assets page that allows you to completely manage your profile, add your logos and also download any banners that appeal to you to use in your media/communications.

Are there any hidden costs to the charity?

No. All costs are covered by the restaurant.

What do I need to do next to receive money through CHARITABLE BOOKINGS?

Your charity is already listed in the platform and your supporters can select your Charity to receive their donation every time they book a restaurant.

Encouraging your team and 'supporters' to use Charitable Bookings is the most beneficial way to increase donations to your charity at no cost to themselves or you.

Each month, participating restaurants will receive an invoice confirming all reservations made through Charitable Bookings and a payment will be requested.

Who pays us and how?

Once the restaurant confirms that the bookings were honoured (i.e. they turned up and confirm the numbers) CB Global Ltd will invoice the restaurant for the booking fees. Upon receipt of payment CB Global Ltd will pay the charity any funds accrued every March and September by bank transfer. If your charity accrues over £500 the payment will be made sooner.
Please fill in your bank details on this portal so we can make payments.

How can I increase visibility of my charity on the platform?

Your dedicated charity asset portal will walk you through how to upload your charity logo and information about your cause. Also available to download are Charitable Bookings logos and branding assets (i.e. banners) that can be quickly customised to include your logo. These tools can be used to maximize your exposure on your website, social media and any electronic communication to your supporters.

You can access your portal via the link below.

How can I get people to choose my charity?

To maximize your exposure, please ask your supporters to download the app and select your charity as a 'Favourite'.

When a supporter downloads the app, they are asked to select their preferred charity. This will then become their default charity, although others can also be selected.

How do you add new restaurants?

Our users are constantly adding restaurants by recommendation through the app. We aim to have as many restaurants as possible added to our directory. If you have any particular restaurants that you wish to take part, please email

Can I do anything else to help raise money?

If you have any corporates, large or small please reach out to them and ask them to support you by encouraging their employees to make restaurant bookings through our platform and support you. This is a free initiative for them to participate in and help you raise more money and you both can track and see how much money is being raised. The big difference is that it will NOT cost them anything and they can add the sum to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the end of the year. You could ask them to match any funds made by the staff at the end of the year. We can send you for free a pdf which we can personalise with your charity logo for you to send to your corporates which explains everything.

365 of the best loved chefs from the UK’s leading restaurants and 5* hotels have collaborated with
CHARITABLE BOOKINGS by sharing their main course Signature Dish recipes to help raise money
for your cause.
Your supporters can enjoy a selection of these unique recipes (worth £10.95) for FREE by simply
downloading the free CHARITABLE BOOKINGS app. The remaining recipes are accessible with
an in-app purchase of £40 from which CHARITABLE BOOKINGS will donate £5 to your cause.
These 365 unique recipes can also be found in the beautifully designed 754-page hardback
coffee table CHARITABLE BOOKINGS Signature Dish recipe book with a limited edition
slipcase, making it the perfect gift for all foodies. Priced at £40 with £5 being donated by
From across 50 states of America, more recipes will become available from 1,000 of the USA’s best
loved chefs from the leading 1,000 restaurants and 5* hotels in our latest version of the CHARITABLE
BOOKINGS Signature Dish collection.

The Charity SWEET BOX Fundraiser
Our Charity Sweet Boxes are co-branded with your logo and each packet of sweets can
include your branded sticker on the back. It includes a message encouraging individuals
to download the CHARITABLE BOOKINGS app and select your cause. Each sweet box
carries a recommended donation of £1.
This initiative is a fantastic way to engage with new and existing volunteers with a
suggested target of placing 30 boxes locally to where they live and work. This simple
fundraising tool would generate £5,000-£10,000 per volunteer per year while exposing
your charity to an estimated 200,000 individuals. Aside from this, it would encourage
the recipients to adopt your charity as their preferred charity on the CHARITABLE
BOOKINGS app. (We tested this concept with a team of 5 who were able to place
with little resistance over 1,000 boxes between them at offices and retailers including
estate agents, beauty salons and greengrocers within a two-week period).
For further information please visit: Password: Sweets

If there are any restaurants you have connections with that you would like us to approach with you, please let us know. We have a marketing team available to you at no cost that can work with the restaurant to get your branding correctly aligned with theirs if needed.

If you have any good relationships with hotels big enough to make restaurant bookings for their clients, please let us know which ones they are and we can tell you if they are on board with us already. We have a leaflet which explains what and how a hotel can help your charity raise money for you at no cost to them.

How do I contact you if we have any queries or would like to get involved further?

Please call our Partnerships and Communications team on 03300 553 759. We’d be very happy to help you and discuss our initiatives further.

Alternatively, email us on

How often do I need to inform my supporters / members in order to generate more donations?

The more you remind your supporters that they can generate funds for you by booking through Charitable Bookings, the more likely you are to see an increase in donations.
Please take a look at our marketing assets which are updated monthly.
There is a statistic that people need to see or hear something 7 times before the act on it!
Therefore please remind your friends and supporters as much as possible.
We recommend once a month on social media; inserting an email footer next to yours with the Charitable Bookings logo and strapline (pls see a selection to choose from in marketing assets)
E newsletters with a link to the website and finally if you can put a Charitable Bookings banner on your home page with a link, people going to your site who are obviously interested in you and want to help will see an immediate way to do so at NO cost to them.

Can I see how much money has been raised to date?

You can see how much money has been raised for you when you log in to the portal or on the app.

Is the app / platform available on all devices?

Yes, the app is available on iOS and Android devices as well as our website.

How does this restaurant booking platform differ from others?

1. We give back to charity!

2. Charitable Bookings gives you the telephone number which allows you to make a call and ask for that special table or book online unlike others platforms. The Key is that the person making the booking confirms the date and time of the reservation on the app or platform and most importantly selects what charity they would like to money to go to.

Who is behind the creation of the platform?

David Johnstone and philanthropist Lord Fink, created CB Global Ltd (T/A ChariTable Bookings), a non-profit business with a social purpose.

Our charity could only ever support restaurants who use sustainable sources. How do we know that?

Each restaurant has the opportunity to flag their 'green' credentials by including 'sustainably sourced', 'organic' and 'locally sourced' icons on their site.

How do we thank our supporters for using Charitable Bookings?

Once diners have confirmed a booking through Charitable Bookings, a 'thank you' message is sent to them by us, from you. You are able to edit the contents of that message as you wish on the Charity Assets Portal including new campaign information, fundraising events and other ways to support.